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  • Main Markets: Worldwide , Africa , Americas , Asia , Caribbean , East Europe , Europe , Middle East , North Europe , Oceania , Other Markets , West Europe
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Shenzhen Srisung Technology Co.,Limited
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About Us

Srisung Co LTD is a company who is dedicated to providing various Surface Mount Technology SMT one station solutions Products include not being limited the following ones feeder and accessories nozzle motor sensor camera and laser controller board card valve driver cylinder spline cable belt plastic rail filter pulley and so on Furthermore parts for peripheral equipment are also in stock as are for printer reflow oven These brands are involved in JUKI FUJI Panasonic I Pulse SAMSUNG YAMAHA SIEMENS We can repair some original used parts All the repaired products should be tested and verified by sophisticated Engineers in Development Quality Assurance Department Despite acquired outstanding...

Categories and Products

SMT Controller Board Card

SAMSUNG Controller Board Card

SAMSUNG CP30 VME10_DPRAM VER.2 192057923182 SAMSUNG SM411 SM421 IPC CIRCUIT BOARD PCA-6179VE SAMSUNG SME 12MM Feeder Control Board S91000002A 

SMT Cylinder And Sensor

FUJI Cylinder

FUJI CP6 CP643 WPA5140 Solenoid Valve SPCHA7-25-12-Z3-B 

SAMSUNG Cylinder

SAMSUNG CP40 Cylinder BDAS6X5 SAMSUNG CP45 Stopper Cylinder J6701018B TBDA10X30 Supply SAMSUNG Cylinder MHY2-10D SAMSUNG SM411 Cylinder AQ2A12-30D-TH SAMSUNG SM421 Cylinder BDAS6X15 

Driver For SMT Machine

Driver For FUJI SMT Machine

FUJI NXT M6 Servopack SGDZ-BS60AN7A-FK JUSP-CON08AE7AA FUJI NXT Servopack SGDZ-BS60AN7A-FK JUSP-CON08AE7AA FUJI QP242 Chip Mounter X Servopack Amplifier DR2-02AC-NY41 

Driver For JUKI SMT Machine

JUKI FX-1R YB Driver 40026790 MR-J2S-70B-KY300 

SMT Vacuum Ejector And Valve


SAMSUNG CP45 NEO Z4 Motor MSMA5AZA5A SY3140R-5LZ SAMSUNG CP45 Head Solenoid Valve SY3140R-5LZ SAMSUNG SM Head Solenoid Valve VA01PEP34B-1U SAMSUNG Solenoid Valve SY3120-5LZD-M5 SAMSUNG Solenoid Valve VQD1121W-5M-M5 

SMT Feeder

FUJI Feeder

SMT spare parts FUJI NXT XPF Feeder W56C used SMT line FUJI NXT Feeder W16C FUJI SMT equipment FUJI NXT Feeder W16F SMT Parts FUJI NXT Feeder W44C FUJI spare parts NXT Feeder W56C SMT FUJI spare parts NXT XPF 8MM Feeder SMT FUJI machine NXT XPF AIM 12MM Feeder SMT placement equipment FUJI NXT XPF 32MM Feeder SMT placement machine FUJI NXT XPF AIM 56MM Feeder FUJI chip shooter NXT XPF AIM 72MM Feeder FUJI feeder archives NXT XPF 88MM Feeder FUJI SMT machine Feeder NXT W08F SMT FUJI 8mm Feeder CP7 CP8 CP732 FUJI CP6 12X4mm EMBOSSED FEEDER FUJI CP7 12X8mm EMBOSSED FEEDER FUJI QP341 XP242 XP243 12mm Motorized Feeder 

I-Pulse Feeder

I-PULSE 0603 Feeder F1-82-0603 LG4-M3A00-081 I-PULSE 01005 Feeder F1-82-1005 LG4-M2A00-080 I-PULSE F2-16 Feeder LG4-M5A00-170 I-PULSE F1 84 Feeder LG4-M1A00-081 I-PULSE F1 12MM FEEDER LG4-M4A00-091 i-PULSE SMT Parts F1 12mm Feeder LG4-M4A00-091 I-PULSE F1 12MM Feeder LG4-M4A00-030 I-PULSE F1 12mm Feeder LG4-M4A00-110 I-PULSE Spare parts F1 12mm Feeder LG4-M4A00-091 I-PULSE F1-82-0603 Feeder LG4-M3A00-081 I-PULSE F1-82-1005 Feeder LG4-M2A00-080 I-PULSE F2-84 Feeder LG4-M1A00-150 I-PULSE F3-8 Feeder KLK-MC100-007 I-PULSE F1 32mm Feeder LG4-M7A00-020 I-PULSE Spare parts F1 32MM Feeder LG4-M7A00-020 I-PULSE F1 44mm Feeder LG4-M8A00-010 I-PULSE F2 12mm Feeder F2-12 LG4-M4A00-170 I-PULSE F2 32mm Feeder F2-32 LG4-M7A00-110 I-PULSE F2-8x4 Feeder LG4-M1A00-150 I-PULSE F3 8 mm Feeder KLK-MC100-007 

JUKI Feeder

JUKI FTF Serials Tape Feeder FF12FS E30037060B0 New JUKI 8x4 CTF Tape Feeder CF081E E1003706CB0 JUKI 8x4 Feeder CF081E E1003706CB0 JUKI 12mm ATF Serials Feeder AF12FS E3003706AB0 JUKI Feeder 16mm ATF Serials AF16FS E4003706AB0 JUKI 16mm ATF Serials Feeder AF16NS E4004706AB0 JUKI FTF Serials Tape Feeder FF16FS E40037060B0 JUKI 24mm ATF Serials Feeder AF24FS E5005706AB0 JUKI 24mm FTF Tape Feeder FF24FS E50057060B0 44mm FTFR Deep Pocket Feeder FF44FR-OP E7000706RBC JUKI 0201 Feeder 40081758 CF03HPR JUKI 0402 CTF Tape Feeder CF05HP E1002706CB0 JUKI 0402 Feeder 40081759 CF05HPR JUKI 0603 Embossed Feeder 40081762 CF081ER JUKI 0603 Paper Feeder 40081761 CF081PR JUKI ATF Serials 8mm 0402 Feeder AF05HP E1001706AB0 JUKI ATF SERIES TAPE Feeder AF24NS E5006706AB0 Feeder Upper Cover E3203706AADB for JUKI AF12FS JUKI FTF Feeder 32mm FF32FR E60007060B0 SMT Feeder JUKI FTF Feeder 56mm FF56FR E8000706RBB 


SAMSUNG SM 16MM Feeder SAMSUNG SM 12mm FEEDER SAMSUNG SM Feeder 16mm SAMSUNG SM 24mm FEEDER SAMSUNG SM 32mm Feeder SAMSUNG SM 44mm Feeder SAMSUNG SM 56mm Feeder SAMSUNG SME 8mm Feeder SAMSUNG SME 12mm Feeder SAMSUNG SME 16mm Feeder SAMSUNG SME 24mm Feeder SAMSUNG SME 32mm Feeder SAMSUNG SME 44mm Feeder SAMSUNG SME 56mm Feeder 


SIEMENS 16MM Feeder 00141092 


YAMAHA SS 8mm Feeder KHJ-MC100-00A YAMAHA SS 24MM Feeder KHJ-MC400-000 YAMAYA SS 8MM Feeder KHJ-MC100-00A YAMAYA SS 24mm Feeder KHJ-MC400-000 

SMT Nozzle

FUJI Nozzle

FUJI NXT H08 H12 Head Nozzle 0.4mm FUJI CP7 CP8 Nozzle 0.7 1.0 mm 

I-Pulse Nozzle

Supply Original i-PULSE Nozzle M003 LG0-M7705-00X Original i-PULSE Nozzle N002 LC1-M7703-00 i-PULSE M1 Nozzle M003 LG0-M7705-00X Supply i-PULSE Nozzle P054 LC6-M7735-000 


SAMSUNG CP45 J9055143B Nozzle CN1100 SAMSUNG CP45 J9055133B Nozzle CN030 SAMSUNG CP45 J90550258B Nozzle CN400N SAMSUNG CP45FV Nozzle CN040 J9055134B SAMSUNG SLM120 AM03-003477A Nozzle BLN360 SAMSUNG J9055254A Nozzle CN040 SAMSUNG CP45 J9055159 NOZZLE CN140 SAMSUNG Chip Mounter SM320 CP45 NEO NOZZLE CN065 SAMSUNG Nozzle CN220 for SM321 CP45 NEO SAMSUNG Nozzle CN020 for CP45 SM482 SAMSUNG CP45 Nozzle CN400 J9055258A 


Siemens SMT equipment Nozzle 416 00322545 Siemens SMT machine SIEMENS Nozzle 614 00313997-05 SMT replacement parts Siemens Nozzle 732 932 00346522-05 Siemens SMT Nozzle 718 918 00321864-07 Siemens SMT spare parts Nozzle 714 914 00321861-08 Siemens SMT machine SIEMENS Nozzle 615 00314000 

SMT Camera And Laser

FUJI XP142E CCD CAMERA XC-55 K1129H Panasonic CM602 CCD CAMERA CS8620I-20 N510002507AA FUJI QP3 IK-54XF CCD CAMERA K11323 

SMT Belt

SAMSUNG CP40 45FV ENT Belt J6602028A SAMSUNG 471 DECAN Timing Belt MC05-900056 SAMSUNG CP Timing Belt J6602029A SAMSUNG CP40 ENT Belt J6602028A SAMSUNG CP40 EXT Belt J6602027A SAMSUNG CP40 Mid Belt J6602026A SAMSUNG SM Lengthen Belt 1730 SAMSUNG SM Lenghten Belt 1800 SAMSUNG SM320 SM321 ENT EXT Belt J6602082A SAMSUNG SM320 SM321 MID Belt J6602083A SAMSUNG SM321 SM421 Timing Belt J6602074A SAMSUNG SM411 SM471 DECAN MID Belt J66021008A SAMSUNG SM421 ENT EXT Belt J66021017A SAMSUNG SM421 SM481 MID Back Belt J66021019A SAMSUNG SM421 SM481 MID Front Belt J66021018A SAMSUNG SM481 482 ENT EXT Belt MC90068 SAMSUNG 471 Timing Belt MC05-900056 FUJI CP6 CP642 CP643 MQC1033 Conveyor Belt FUJI CP6 NXT H4475Z TIMING BELT 2100-3GT-9 FUJI CP6 CP7 CP8 CAM AXIS TIMING BELT H45190 WP5101 

SMT Cable

SAMSUNG SM 8MM Feeder Cable J9065279A SAMSUNG SME 8MM Feeder Cable J90611846A 

SMT Feeder Parts

SAMSUNG CP Feeder Storage Cart SAMSUNG SM Feeder Cart SAMSUNG SME 12mm 16mm Feeder Carrier Tape Gear I-PULSE feeder gear A5-A08-1170-D 

SMT Holder

FUJI CP7 Pick Up Nozzle Holder AWPH3115 ADCPH3010 FUJI CP6 CP642 CP643 Nozzle Holder AWPH3110 

SMT Motor

I-PULSE M1 Z Motor LC1-M71M1-00 P50BA2004DXS23 I-PULSE M1 Z Motor LC1-M71M1-00X P50BA2004DXS23 Original I-PULSE X Motor P50B08100DXS4Y I-PULSE X Motor P50B08100DXS4Y SAMSUNG SME 8MM Feeder Motor J31021017A JUKI X Motor 40000685 TS4613N1020E200 JUKI Y Motor 40000727 TS4616N1020E200 i-PULSE THETA MOTOR P50B02001DXSJ2 i-PULSE M2 DC MOTOR DME44B6HPB PANASONIC CM602 THETA MOTOR 50W TS4602N1521E500 N510008188AA SMT Panasonic CM402 Stepping Motor KH56KM28114 N510057033AA FUJI CP743 CP842 E AXIS SERVO MOTOR 

SMT Shaft And Spline

FUJI CP6 CP642 CP43 Shaft Spline AWPH3120 FUJI CP7 SHAFT ADGPH4308 

SMT Other Parts

Supply i-PULSE Signal Board LG0-M40HG-501 Supply i-PULSE Switch Supply LEB150F-0524 i-PULSE Servo Driver PY2A050T6MENP1A i-PULSE M1 CPU Card AS-3340 i-Pulse M1 T Driver PY2A015A2 FUJI NXTII Control Box AJ0DZ Module CPU For M3II i Pulse Video Collector CS3710TR2 TYPE BV0743A905 FUJI NXT PAM K53050 T63245 FUJI SMT Machine Parts KA-9898 FUJI CP742/842 DCPA0172 UCN-80B 25X28 AXIS MOTOR COUPLER FUJI CP7 CP8 PUFFER KSHA6X15-72W A1037Y FUJI NXT Mark CCD Camera CS8550DiF-01 557587 FUJI CP7 CP8 CP742 CP743 Pneumatic Solenoid Valve FUJI Placement Machine NXT H12S Working Head FUJI XP242E XP243 Vacuum Generator H1007D H1007G FUJI NXT S40445 Sensor Photo EE-SX771 FUJI CP643 S31208 SW Sensor PhotoElectric EE-SX7712A 

DEK Printer Spare Parts

198043 HAWKEYE 750 Camera DEK 8012982 CBA40 ASM 03128649 DEK 185003 Motor Camera Y BG65X50-CI DEK 137516 5157438 (Foil Shim) Board Clamp Blades DEK 133586 133585 Metal Squeegee Blade DEK 205790 Solvent Pump 198041 Green Camera DEK 8008630 CYBEROPTICS CBA40 198042 Gold Camera ​DEK CYBEROPTICS CBA40 188681 DEK Kit ASM Printer Timing Belt 181174 SMT Bom Stepper Motor ​Rail Width 177055 DEK Cable Crimped Assembly Rails 185281 DEK Under Screen Clean Complete 185002 DEK Motor Camera x BG65X50-CI​ DEK 185130 191103 Table Driver Node 6 BGE9010C DEK SMT Machine 215607 Board Clamp Foil DEK 185002 Motor Camera X BG65X50-CI​ DEK Motor 185463 19747 Solder Paste printer 

Heller Reflow Oven Parts

HELLER 1809 M3 M5 Reflow Oven Board 589010 589010 Heller Reflow Oven HC2 Controller Board HELLER 1913 REFLOW OVEN MOTOR 586033 

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